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Viggo Software – Redefining Veterinary Care with AI Solutions and Home Nursing for Pets! At Viggo Software, we believe in pushing the boundaries of veterinary care. Our suite of innovative solutions, including ViggoVet for Veterinary facilities and PetNurse for in-home pet nursing service, combines the power of AI with compassionate care to elevate the well-being of our animal patients.
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ViggoVet, an advanced Software as a Service (SaaS) application designed to revolutionize the way veterinary clinics operate. With cutting-edge AI solutions, our platform seamlessly integrates medical record analysis and AI-driven customer support, providing an all-encompassing solution to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and client satisfaction.

Why Choose ViggoVet?

AI-Powered Medical Record Analysis

AI-Powered Medical Record Analysis

ViggoVet harnesses the latest AI technology to analyze medical records with precision. Empower your veterinary team with insights that lead to quicker, more accurate diagnoses and personalized treatment plans.
Streamlined Workflows

Streamlined Workflows

Enhance efficiency with ViggoVet's seamless integration into your clinic's systems. Automate medical record analysis, freeing up time for your team to focus on delivering exceptional care to your patients.
Personalized Treatment Plans

Personalized Treatment Plans

Experience a new era of patient care with AI-generated treatment plans tailored to individual needs. Viggo optimizes treatment efficacy while considering the unique characteristics of each animal.

Data Security And Compliance

Data Security And Compliance

Trust is paramount. Viggo Software prioritizes data security and compliance with industry regulations, ensuring your clinic's sensitive information is protected.


In-Home Pet Nursing Service Bringing Pet Nursing Care to Your Clients' Doorsteps
Comprehensive In-Home Nursing

Comprehensive In-Home Pet Nursing

Introducing PetNurse, our second plateform provides top-notch nursing care for pets in the comfort of their homes. Elevate your services beyond the clinic walls with personalized, compassionate care.
Trained And Certified Nurses

Trained And Certified Nurses

Our team of dedicated nurses is trained and certified to deliver expert care to pets. From administering medications to reporting detailed and accurate pet health status, PetNurse ensures your clients' pets receive the attention they need.
Real-Time Updates

Real-Time Updates

Keep your clients informed with real-time updates on their pet's well-being. Our app allows clients to stay connected, receive reports from the nurse attending to their beloved companion.
Seamless Coordination With Veterinary Clinics

Seamless Coordination With Vet Clinics

PetNurse integrates seamlessly with ViggoVET for Veterinary Clinics, ensuring continuity of care. Collaborate effortlessly between in-home nursing and clinic-based treatments for comprehensive pet healthcare.

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